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Deck Staining & Water Proofing

       Exterior decks not only enhance the architecture of your home, yet they extend the living space of your home to the outdoors. However, decks do require routine maintenance. Outdoor decks sit horizontally & are exposed to ultra-violet rays & the freeze-and-thaw cycle of winter. Moreover, natural wood will absorb & release moisture, which leads to the shrink-and-swell cycle. An application of water repellent onto a deck’s surface will reduce the absorption of moisture & improve the overall performance of your deck by preventing warping & splitting.

Our professionals can assist you with the daunting task of maintaining your deck by doing all of the work for you. We start the job by taking the crucial first step of cleaning the deck, railing, & steps. We remove the dirt, stains, mildew, and/or algae growth from the wood. We moreover make any necessary repairs such as sanding over rough spots, replacing nails that have popped out, and/or replacing any boards that have been too badly damaged. After the surfaces to the deck have been cleaned (or stripped if needed), we are ready to apply the complete to your deck.

Today’s market continues to trend toward waterproofing finishes that add both color & protection to your deck. A significant number of deck owners still favor clear, wood-only waterproofers, yet a growing number like the sheer-tinted wood ‘toners’ to add color without hiding the wood grain. More consumers are even considering semi-transparent & solid stains as well.


Here are the basic characteristics of the four different types of waterproofing finishes:  

  • Clear finishes show the wood’s own tones & grains, yet they require the most frequent re-coating.
  • Tinted finishes add sheer color without hiding the natural wood grain. They tend to last longer than clear finishes.
  • Semi-transparent stains add more color, yet allow some of the wood’s natural wood grain to show through. These provide longer protection than clear & tinted finishes.
  • Solid stains add color that covers the wood grain. These finishes can often hide minor imperfections in wood, & they last the longest of all deck finishes.

Let our staff of professionals assist you to determine which waterproofing complete or stain is right for your specific needs & design taste . Just click here or call us at 877-573-2653 to be connected to one of are service representative’s.

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