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Roof Coating

         Roof Coating adds UV protection, solar reflection, & water leak protection to your flat or low-sloping roof. Properly coating your roof with the right products based of your specific roof will greatly extend the life of your roof. 

What is a rad roof?

         Cool roofs, moreover called white roofs, are a highly reflective & emissive roof coatings that stays 50 to 60 degrees F cooler in the summer sun, thereby reducing energy costs, improving occupant comfort, cutting maintenance costs, increasing the life cycle of the roof, & contributing to the reduction of urban heat islands & associated smog.

How rad is a rad roof?

        During the summer, a typical dark roof is 150 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit at peak, while rad roofs peak at 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Just click here or call us at 877-573-2653 to be connected to one of are service representative’s.

Watch the below video to learn they importance of keeping you roof clean. See what we found on a customers roof!

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