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ShurFlo Testimonials

“ShurFlo saved my husband’s life. He fell off the roof three years ago cleaning maple spinners out of our gutters. Luckily, he only sprained his ankle yet I swore he’d never climb a ladder again. That’s when we called ShurFlo & he hasn’t had to climb up there since!”         

Newark, DE

I moreover have ShurFlo on my house & I couldn’t be happier! This fall when all of the leaves fell, all I had to do was rake the ground. In years past it took me longer to clean out the gutters than rake the leaves. I have had it now for 6 years & it works like a charm. They seemed like an honest company. If I never talk to them again that means the product was great. So far, so good! I would highly recommend the ShurFlo system. Also ShurFlo, I Believe performs the best out of all systems during winter months any gutter guard you obtain creates some sort of a restriction. What happens is the heat from your house vents out threw your roof melting the snow on your roof the water in turn flows from your Roof into ShurFlo then down the drain. Any Gutter guard will obtain snow build up on the guard just like the roof. Some gutter guards expect the water to go threw the snow & around the entire top of the gutter then into the gutter. ShurFlo gutter guard can take water as shortly as it leaves the roof into the gutter & down the drain. If the water is warm enough to flow from the roof it will flow into the gutter threw ShurFlo during all conditions this is something I have seen over & over again I believe ShurFlo truly is the best. –   

George M. Metropolous    Glen Mills, PA

We put ShurFlo on our home two years ago. We haven’t touched the gutters since. We were approximately to spend a lot of money to have our basement  waterproofed (more than $10,000) & ShurFlo solved our problem for less than one quarter that. To date, even with torrential downpours & tropical storms, the basement has remained dry. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made. You can’t see it working yet it does. I’m completely satisfied with my ShurFlo protection. I highly recommend it over the other systems. We looked at them all.       

Springfield, PA

Has anyone tried ShurFlo? I found them on the web, & then compared them in person to the huge names in my area. Completely different from any other system out there. They actually filter the water; nothing has gotten into my gutters  , not even the bits of oak tassels.

You can’t see the system once it is installed, tremendous for my traditional looking colonial. It worked tremendous this past winter, no real icicles formed to speak of, even with the 20 plus inches of snow that we were faced with this past February. I brushed off some oak tassels that happened to fall half over the edge of the gutter, yet that was purely for aesthetic reasons (took me all of 5 minutes). Nothing was stuck to the filter! Even with all the rain we’ve had this year, this system has been performing great! Best of all, it’s comparably priced to the others out there, without all the hidden extras (why, does Leaf Guard make you buy all new downspouts to obtain their warranty? Mine were brand new!) ShurFlo warranty is in writing & gets you your money back if it clogs. That alone was a huge selling point for me.

West Chester, PA

I have ShurFlo on my house. It’s the only system that I found that works. A huge plus of it is that you can’t see it on the house. All the other ones you can see. Their ads say they’re attractive & enhance the house. I’d rather have something that works & I can’t see. The warranty was a satisfactory selling point. Money back if the gutter clogs. Still, with no shingle granules getting past ShurFlo I don’t see how the gutter could ever clog. It’s worth the investment. The reverse curve systems moreover obtain bees nests galore. Be careful. They can’t obtain into ShurFlo.

Kennett Square, PA

For more information visit our Shur Flo Gutter Protection Information Page Just Click Here or visit the manufacturer website by clicking Here. Call us or visit our contact us page to schedule your free estimate.

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