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Removing Ice Dams: The Basics

Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in Gutter Repair, gutter sagging, Ice Dams, leaky joints, leaky seams | Comments Off on Removing Ice Dams: The Basics

 What is an ice dam? Short answer: An ice dam is the ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof which prevents melting snow from draining as it should. The water that backs up behind the ice dam can leak into the home & cause damage to walls, floors, ceilings, insulation, & other areas. See a basic illustration of an ice dam below. Large ice dam. Small ice dam. Where do ice dams happen: Most ice dams occur on the lowest edge of your roof as described above. We frequently find them in other locations, however. Click here to see a drawing of usual ice dam locations. Study this diagram...

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