How do Rain Chains work?

rain chainRain chains are a unique addition to a home’s rain gutter system. They function well & moreover add a pleasant waterfall sound as the rainwater travels downward from cup to cup or link to link. A pleasant ‘white noise’ sound is heard when just a chain is used without the cups. Most homeowners will place them near a window or landscaped area for a visual experience when it rains.

Normally a downspout will drain rainwater from the roofs gutters onto the concrete or lawn & the same can be done with a rain chain. The difference is the rain chain doesn’t have a tube & corners to flow through. It will not clog the gutters or drain system with leaves & debris.

Over many years I have received calls from customers that have asked how they can stop that nagging dripping & echo sound from a downspout near their bedroom. I have heard more than one person say, “Hearing that drip all night is driving me crazy.”Replacing the downspout with a rain chain is a custom way to fix this problem with the benefit of a peaceful relaxing sound.

Some of the first records of a rain chains being used are from Japan. They were used to collect & save fresh rainwater. This captured water was stored in barrels for future use & some people today find this conservation of rainwater to be useful. We have a full line of rain chains available & have been in business since 1983. We offer a variety of different cups & chains that will surprise you.

Rain Chains are made with primarily copper or brass. I have used raw steel chains many times that turns a rusty brown color with age. When using copper chains, after a few years they turn a attractive color or what is called patina. Brass turns a dark golden brown.

It is my advice when installing a rain chain that they should be connected directly to a hole in the gutter. When replacing a downspout you normally will have a drop outlet connecting the gutter to the downspout. This drop outlet if used will clog up having the chain inside of it. Removing it will make the rain chain work better or just cutting a new hole where the location of the rain chain is wanted works the best.

I know you will find these little waterfalls attached to your rain gutters a pleasant addition to your home. For more information or to purchase a rain chain contact us. Want to learn approximately what seamless gutters are just go here What are seamless Gutters. Thanks for visiting to see more articles just click on our blog above.

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