How to Install Aluminum Gutters – Quick Version!

Not sure how to install gutters properly. Then watch this very informative video on how to install gutters quickly. Learn how to install gutters the way a professional would. (Shopping List below exact details in the video)

Includes a full list of material you will need. Not sure where to purchase the best material? This video shows you not just how to install gutters yet where to obtain the right material & exactly what the right material is!!!!

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Shopping List for How to Install Aluminum Gutters:
– aluminum gutters & downspouts with assorted fittings & brackets
– GSL sealant,”] used to form watertight seal between gutter & fittings
– aluminum screws”] for fastening together the aluminum parts
– aluminum pipe & elbows,”] used to create drainpipe to carry water away from house

Tools for How to Install Aluminum Gutters:
– crimping tool, used to attach end caps to the ends of gutters
– hacksaw & tin snips, used to cut gutter & downspouts to length
– caulking gun, used to apply GSL sealant
– drill, used to drill holes & drive screws
– pop rivet gun, for riveting together the aluminum parts
– 2 3/4-inch-diameter hole saw, used to cut outlet hole in gutter
– level, used as a straightedge to establish position of the high end of the gutter
– shovel, for digging trench to bury PVC drainpipe if applicable

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