What are Seamless Gutters?

seamless-rain-guttersSeamless gutters are rain gutters that are cut from a preformed roll of composite metal. A rain gutter is a narrow trough that is attached to the outer edge of the roof to collect water & redirect it away from the building. Rain gutters are moreover called eaves troughs or eaves channel guttering.

  Rain gutters are an significant part of every roofing system. Redirecting the water off the roof reduces the erosion of soil at the base of the building, which weakens the foundation over time. Rainwater can be redirected into a water collection system, or diverted to specific locations with the use of downspouts.
Seamless gutters are a marketing term used to describe a specific method of rain gutter installation. These gutters have less seams & possible leakage points than other rain gutters, as they are formed from one continuous roll. Traditional gutters use aluminum pieces, which are attached on site & have visible seams.
To install seamless gutters, you must hire a Gutter Installer who offers this product. It is very usual in North America & available from a wide range of Gutter Installation companies. It is possible to purchase or install seamless gutters yourself. To see residential rain gutter types

If you are thinking approximately installing seamless gutters, make a list of your requirements. Determine the color of the gutters & the total length required. The gutters can be the same color as the roof or can coordinate with the other trim on the building.

When selecting a seamless gutter contractor, ask for a written quotation. The quotation should provide detailed pricing for the materials & installation labor. Obtain quotes from at least three different Installers to ensure you obtain the best price. Contact us for your free quote!

Ask for & check at least three references from prior customers before selecting a seamless gutter contractor. Ask the references if the work was completed on time, & their satisfaction with the quality of work. Take the time to visit the references & inspect the quality of the installation before selecting a contractor.

When the seamless gutter contractor arrives, they will have a Gutter machine inside a truck which contains a roll of metal in the selected color. The seamless gutter is formed on site from this roll. The gutter is then installed onto your fascia.

At each corner, the seamless gutter is cut just enough to allow the material to create a perpendicular corner. These cuts are then sealed during the installation process. The seal can be created on the inside of the gutter to provide a visually appealing appearance.

The installation staff work their way around the perimeter of the roof, attaching the seamless gutter as they go. Downspouts are usually installed at the end of the process. The downspouts are used to allow the water collected in the rain gutter to run off the roof to another location. For more information please contact us.

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